Welcome To SC Design Group
Award Winning Interior Design & Model Merchandsing

Welcome To SC Design Group

"There is only one chance to make a great first impression!"

With over 18 years of model home merchandising and clubhouse design experience, the SC Design Group team creates interiors that take your potential buyer from "just looking" to "this home is perfect for us!"

When SC Design Group joins your marketing team, they become a creative extension to your sales department. SC Design Group guides your team to develop emotion evoking model home designs that appeal to all buyer profile levels.

Our Services

Model Merchandising

SC Design Group will take your floorplan from a house to a home and create an experience that transitions your buyer from looking to loving.

Clubhouse Design

Combining the fields of art, business, and engineering, SC Design Group creates clubhouses that are custom designed to each of their client’s branded style and functional needs.

The SC Design Process

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3
Stage 1 – Programming and Design Development: During the initial stage of the design process, SC Design Group works with their clients to develop the vision of their project. Through inquiry and insight, SC Design Group and their clients develop the perfect design concept.
Stage 2 – Design Documentation and Implementation: During stage 2, SC Design Group focuses on creating detailed documentation and implementation of the vision. SC Design Group provide CAD drawings and guidance through the construction process.
Stage 3 – Installation and Follow up: The final stage is complete when your vision becomes a reality. SC Design Group conducts a final walk through of the project to make sure everything is perfect.

Did you know?..

We are a national design firm with offices in the Phoenix, Arizona and Orlando, Florida metros. Designing from east to west, we believe there is no such thing as a project too small and encourage all builders to explore the benefits of working with an experienced model merchandising firm.


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