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Millenial Buyer

Millennials are attracted to a more modern, minimal midcentury design. The millennial buyers living in cities are likely to be attracted to condos and townhomes. A minimalist aesthetic is more appropriate and sometimes necessary for this buyer. They prefer urban areas with a more industrial aesthetic that resemble converted lofts or newer buildings mimicking the loft-feel.

SC Design Group understands that this rustic-tech chic buyer is environmentally conscious and technology savvy. SC Design Group appeals to this buyer by incorporating reclaimed wood and brick details combined with LED light accents into their Millennial design concepts.

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Gen X Buyer

The Gen X buyer prefers open floorplans with an emphasis on gathering areas for family and friends to interact fluidly. They are no longer interested in the “fancy” details of previous generations. With concerns of transitioning into the next stage of life, they prefer a ranch style home or a multi-level home with a first floor master suite.

By removing traditional crown moldings and replacing them with flat stock trim, SC Design Group introduces this buyer to clean-lined accents that are extremely popular with this generation.

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Active Adult

As the active adult buyers approach their golden years, their needs are evolving. With many working longer than previous generations, they are looking for floor plans with office options or designated technology centers. Wider entrances and hallways are also a major focus.

This experienced buyer has embraced the technology age and leans towards transitional design with a hint of traditional influences. SC Design Group appeals to this buyer by combining the crafts of yesterday with the technology of today.

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SC Design Group is a national design firm with offices in the Phoenix, Arizona and Orlando, Florida metros. Designing from east to west, SC Design Group believes there is no such thing as a project too small and encourage all builders to explore the benefits of working with an experienced model merchandising firm.

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